Welcome Teams

Thank you for signing up for the Ashburn Regional Qualifier Tournament! We’re all very excited to see you and wish you the best of luck this season. There are some things you should know prior to attending the tournament this November.

Tournament Format

The Tournament will last from 9:00 am – 3:30 pm. At 8:45 the coaches will gather for the Coaches’ Meeting while teams get ready for the opening ceremony. After the opening ceremony, the practice rounds and judging sessions will begin. Teams will be judged in Core Values, Research and Robot Design. Each team will have at least 3 robot runs and a practice run. The highest score (not including the practice run) will be used to determine overall robot performance. After all judged events and robot runs are concluded, teams will parade into the gym for the Closing Ceremony.

Award Eligibility

Award eligibility is determined by robot performance (for the robot performance award) and team performance. Judges will use their time with each team to determine the best teams in each judged category (Core Values, Research, Robot Design, Champions). The Champions Award is given to the best team at the tournament. In order to be eligible, this team must perform well in all judged areas and be in the top 40% for robot performance. No other awards require a certain robot performance threshold to be passed. Parents or coaches seen working on a robot may jeopardize a team’s award eligibility. For this reason, it is advised that all adults avoid handling team robots, attachments or laptops.

Behavior and Safety Guidelines

  • Judging sessions are only open to the team as well as up to two coaches/mentors and one historian (adult videotaping or taking picture). No other spectators are allowed.
  • Please remember that everyone is expected to display gracious professionalism (teams, coaches, parents, volunteers)
  • Please walk through the hallways and be aware of others around you. There will be a lot of kids and spectators.
  • Emergency Exits – are clearly marked throughout the school.
  • Please remember that the kids do all the work and parents or coaches seen working with the robot or programming may harm a team’s chances of winning an award
  • DO NOT bring your own challenge table, mat or challenge pieces. Practice tables will be available for all teams to share.

What to Bring

While each team is different, there are a number of common items you might want to consider bringing to the tournament. Please feel free to modify this list to meet your team’s particular requirements:

  • Team introduction sheets (x4)
  • Printout of the TIMS roster with all team members and coaches listed
  • Your robot
  • Any attachments for your robot
  • A laptop with an electronic backup of all of your programs
  • A printout of your programs for the design judges
  • Something in which to carry your robot and attachments
  • All materials for your research/ core values/ robot design presentations
  • Spare batteries/ chargers for your robot/ laptop
  • Swaps, such as stickers, pins or other personalized items to trade with other teams
  • A kit of spare parts, in case part of your robot breaks
  • A trifold explaining your team’s research project to show off to the judges and other teams


Lunch will be available at a concession stand in the Cafeteria. All proceeds go to support Ashburn Robotics’ FTC teams this season. If you want to avoid the lines and hassle, you can pre-order lunch for yourself or your team here.